Thinkpad X200, Fedora and laptop shopping

What does one do when one doesn’t like the current offerings from Lenovo
because they try to make you eat some Windows with all interesting models?
What does one also do when one doesn’t like other offers from “Linux-friendly”
vendors? Well, one does look over the Internet for about two months looking for
a solution until one hits oneself in the head: of course! Refurbished hardware!

In short, I got myself a X200 today, refurbished, with the docking station of
course, and I love it. I use Fedora 19 with Fluxbox on it and it’s great. Battery
life isn’t of course as legends say about the X-series, since it’s a refurb model,
but I’m not getting out anyway and if I do, I always have the docking station to rely
on. As far as I can see, this laptop has everything one needs, and everything seems
to work OOTB. Everything I’ve tested, in all honesty, that is. Maybe this will help
someone out there not waste two months looking for something that just ain’t
there anymore. And, with the risk of sounding old, they just don’t make them
like they used to. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thinkpad X200, Fedora and laptop shopping

  1. Jamie Tyson

    Did you get the x200 to suspend and resume without trouble? I can’t get Fedora 19 to play nice with my x200.

    • Fedora 19, Arch and Debian testing, all play well in this regard. Even with custom kernels.

      • When I try to resume I get a hard lock (caps lock doesn’t work) and only power off long press will turn off the computer. Using the instructions from the Fedora wiki I found that acpi device:09: is the last line when I look for error messages. Any suggestions?

  2. Jamie, sorry for the late reply : does the resume problem still persist?

    • I’m a Linux novice and was unable to resolve the issue. I’ve been running Mint successfully for some time now. Once set up it’s been completely without issue. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Also I should add- with a fresh battery and Mint I get almost 10 hours of battery life on my x200s. It is a truly amazing machine; probably my favorite thinkpad ever and I’ve had quite a few, both newer and older than the x200s. I maybe have to purchase another as a backup.

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