dvtm, Arch and terminfo

I can’t really imagine my life as a Linux user without tmux and dvtm. On my work
laptop with Fedora 18 it works nicely with XFCE and Konsole. However, on my Arch
box with XFCE and Konsole (or Gnome’s terminal for that matter) it doesn’t play as
nice as it sets a TERM variable that’s not to the liking of vim, and besides, keys
are working differently. One cand do export TERM=xterm in the dvtm
window, but that’s tedious, as it has to be repeated in every window you open.
So, RTFM. The manual page says ” By default dvtm uses its own terminfo file and
therefore sets TERM=dvtm within the client windows. This can be overridden by
setting the DVTM_TERM environment variable to a valid terminal name before
launching dvtm.”. You can write an alias for that so it would be easier if you wish.


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