Change Fedora’s default browser (a.k.a. you have got to be kidding)

So, I wanted to try Chromium on my laptop for a while. Using XFCE,
I went to the Settings Manager and changed the browser. I went to
Chromium’s settings and declared that I want it to be my default,
my one and only. I even created a symlink in /etc/alternatives.
Zip. Nada. So I went to Google for help. Apparently, you need to go to
Gnome’s control center (I tested this from within KDE!), select the
System/Details section (why, really?) and set the default browser there.
I don’t have another distro to test this with, but anyway…since Gnome 3
is so closely related to RH/Fedora…I am thinking seriously about migrating.


3 thoughts on “Change Fedora’s default browser (a.k.a. you have got to be kidding)

  1. It works for me with Chrome under Xfce 4.10 on F17. The only thing that doesn’t work is the Xfce online help. If you press a help button it opens in FireFox.

    I did what you did, set it in Settings – Preferred Applications.

    The only other thing you could do is set the option for html etc in Settings – Mime Type Editor.

    • I don’t know about F17, this happened with XFCE and KDE in F18. Of course I changed the default browser in both DEs, even logged out and in again. The only way
      to make it work was gnome-control-center.

  2. In F11 I used system/preferences/preferred applications and changed to “epiphany”, without problems.

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