Install zile on OpenSUSE 12.3-Beta1

zile is a small emacs-clone, useful if you just need a small-footprint editor with emacs-like functionality.

Since it isn’t available for 12.3 yet, and since we don’t wanna mess with Factory or
12.2 repos, we will install from source. Here are the steps.

$ cd && mkdir src
$ cd src/
[use a ftp client, go to and get the tarball inside ~/src]
$ tar xzvf zile-2.4.9.tar.gz
$ cd zile-2.4.9
$ sudo zypper in {ncurses,gc,libacl}-devel [one assumes that g++, gcc, make et. co are there already]
$ ./configure && make && sudo make install [if the default options are ok with you; else, run ‘./configure –help’]

zile will be installed in /usr/local. Tweak the options of configure if you’d so desire. Now, if the maintainer
will not create a package for 12.3, we must e-mail him, or package zile ourselves. Enjoy.


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